Apps Idea

The growing but still evolving success of the app platform has ushered in a second mobile technology "gold rush" for app developers. While not yet as large in terms of number of apps as iTunes, Google Play and Amazon Appstore have so many apps that it has become increasingly difficult for new apps to stand out in the crowd. Achieving consumer awareness and sales longevity for your Android app requires a lot of organization and some strategic planning.

Right from simple information only apps, ecommerce apps, highly complex Android business apps, map and navigation apps, whatever be your project, our expert team of Android developers will ensure that your project will be delivered. App Development will cost you more if you decide to get it done onshore. It will also be time consuming because it is not your core business and you may not know how to go about it. However, being one of the first Android Apps Development Company in India, it is surely our core business and we know how to go about it.

Our resources are trained in communication skills. Also, our resources are trained about the business aspects of web and mobile technologies. They understand your language. They understand your business. They can not only "code", but code smartly and based on your specific business requirements. Call us and we will arrange an e-meeting with one of our resources.


  • Navigation and Maps
  • Shopping
  • Deals
  • Celebrity Apps
  • Business Process automation on Smartphones running the Android OS
  • Sales team processes automations
  • Entertainment and Games
  • News
  • Search Tools
  • Social Networking
  • Utilities
  • Dictionaries
  • Business and Finance
  • Messaging


  • The Android App Development Framework
  • Professional usage of the Android SDK and Framework APIs
  • They use official tools for development, testing process and publishing software for the platform
  • Profound understanding of the challenges associated with Android Apps Development
  • Broad experience in Android OS and mobile application development
  • User-friendly interface and help with ideas for superb Android App design
  • Custom application design through the use of the latest equipment in 2D and 3D graphics


  • Free consultation - Looking to turn your idea or service into a mobile app?
    We offer a private consultation to help quick start your app creation and explore the limitless possibilities that Android phones open for your business.
  • Technical and Functional Requirements for your project - Not tech savvy? Do not worry. Our consultants guide you through the entire process right from idea inception, documentation, development and delivery. We guide and consult you till the time you reach a self-sustaining stage in your project lifecycle. It is this consultation that we provide to all our customer that makes us one of the most preferred Android App Development Company in India.
  • Dummy of your Idea/Business process - After our consultants gather your business requirements, we provide you with a fully functional dummy of your app. This makes you conceptualize how your app will work when functional and complete. After reviewing it, you can make any desired modifications to your concept to better match your business requirements.
  • Android App Interface Design - Once the dummy of your app is complete, we will provide you with the design of each and every screen in your app. With a highly experiences and dedicated team of Graphic designers, we design as per your specific likes and preferences and add that special design feel to your app.
  • Apps Development - Once the designs and dummy are in place, our Android developers and programmers start the development of your app. We provide you with regular updates and status of the development process so that you know what is happening at each and every step.
  • Online Project Management - Our project managers / consultants assigned to your project provide real time updates to you. You will be kelp informed about what is happening. After all, it is your app. You should know the status as and when things happen.
  • Testing - Before your Android app is sent for approval on the Android Marketplace, we will carry out comprehensive testing of the app so ensure that there are no bugs or irregularities in your app.
  • App Store Submission - We will take care of getting your app published on the app store.
  • Support and Maintenance - We offer several maintenance plans and also free maintenance for some months. Contact our Android consultants to know more about these.

Contact us Send us your requirements and our business development team will get back to you within 24X7hours.