Management Team

K. Kumar is the Founder, Chairman and Managing Director of Gravity Web Apps, a Company that he founded in 2014.

At Persistent, he is responsible for overall leadership and management of the company and drives the sales and technology efforts. Gravity Web Apps Management Team is responsible for the strategic direction and the day-to-day operations of the company. Covering all aspects of operations, sales, product strategy, management, and finance, the team works together to ensure the continued success of the company.

Team Member in our company:

Mr. K. Kumar
(Managing Director)
Mr. Arvind Kumar
(Assistant Director)
Mr. V. K. Pal
(Chief Technical officer)
Mr. Jitendra Jaiswal
(Business Development Manager)
Mr. Yogendra Singh
(Software Developer)
Mr. Kamlesh Ray
(IT Co-ordinator)
 Mr. Kulbhoosan
(Software Engineer)
Mr. Jitendra Singh
(Web Developer)
Mr. Ompraksh
(Software Developer)
Mr. Pavan Kumar Singh
(Software Developer)