Windows Hosting

Cost and personal preference! If cost is important, then you will likely find a Linux hosting service slightly less expensive, although that depends on the firm providing the service. If you are used to using Windows, and want to use a Windows hosting service, then you will likely get along fine with it Most people using Linux would never change to Windows, and most that use Microsoft software will stick with it. What this indicates is that each is functionally acceptable from a personal perspective. However, most businesses tend to choose Linux for its speed and ability to handle multi-users of large databases. Linux security is also better, which renders it attractive to businesses where this is significant factor.

When you need specific applications to make your website work, the operating system your server uses can make a big difference. Certain operating systems prohibit the use of certain applications, languages, or software, and making sure your server uses the right system can be tricky. That's why we offer special Windows web hosting packages to make sure your developers have the foundation and flexibility they need to build your site exactly the way you want it.We created our Windows hosting plan with your specific needs in mind to give you the cost effectiveness, efficiency, security, and usability you need for your website. Some of the best tools, flexibility, and applications you will find with Lunarpages' Windows web hosting include:

  • Unlimited Storage, Bandwidth, Subdomains and FTP accounts
  • Plesk Control Panel Included
  • 1 Free Addon Domain Included
  • Microsoft SQL Server: A database platform used in data storage for website content, online store products and users
  • ASP Support: as a Windows web host we support both ASP classic and ASP.NET applications
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases: store unlimited amounts of text-based data for your website, including blogs, e-commerce functionality, dynamic pages, guestbooks, and more
  • Language Support: whatever language your developers use, we support it in our Windows hosting, including CGI, PHP, and PERL
  • Unlimited Email accounts, email forwarding, autoresponders, webmail, and Spam Assassin to prevent unsolicited email* With such a long list of included tools, support, and features, it's no wonder that Windows hosting is so popular. Thanks to these easy-to-use features and specific application support, Lunarpages Windows web hosting is ideal for:
  • Active Server Pages
  • Informational websites
  • Staging environments

One of the best things about Windows hosting is how user-friendly the technology is. When your server uses the same operating system you do, set-up and management are simpler and more intuitive, so you don't necessarily need a development team to manage the day-to-day operation of your website.